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Common Problems Project Managers Should Avoid When On-site

Posted by Guy Dawson on Jan 10, 2018 1:06:55 PM

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Whereas no two projects can be the same, the issues affecting them are usually similar. Even the best of project managers tend to face challenges on-site. Some of the common problems they should avoid are:

Lack of Clear Communication

Once a project is underway, it's easy for project managers to lack time to address the teams that work with them, such as suppliers, workers, government representatives, and many more. A project manager should have a small team of representatives who can relay information on the ground.


Poor Handling of Escalation

Escalations can arise from different directions. A client might change their mind in the middle of a project, or workers could go on strike, or suppliers can boycott. Even so, you should be able to handle them with professionalism.


Delays in Deliveries

As a project manager, you should work with suppliers who are time conscious to enable you to finish your projects on time. Timely supply of all products and services needed in a project is critical for the completion of that project.


Poor Quality Products from Suppliers

The end results of a project should meet or exceed the client's expectations. Sometimes, your suppliers might not follow the quality standards you requested, especially when you have worked with them for a long time and you expect continuous delivery of quality products even without your supervision. More often, they may fail to deliver to your expectations.


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